Tennessee River Youth Federation

                       Fall Federation 2018

September 29-30, 2018

Chattanooga, TN

                            $70 Combo Price Includes

Sabbath Meal, entrance into gym, concessions at gym, lodging, Sunday breakfast, and white water rafting!!! 

                             (Must register by Sept. 15.)  

                 Combo Price will increase to $80 beginning Sept. 16.


You may purchase outside of combo package as follows:

Sabbath Meal:            $7

Gym Entry Fee           $3

Concessions              $5


Online information to register click Here!! 


Federation Dues for 2018 - Past Due!!!!





 Click here for Church Dues Letter

Fund Raiser Ideas                


    Listed below are great Fundraiser ideas.  Click on link
    (above in red) and go to page numbers given or see
    additional ideas in book.
      Food Ideas
Noodles & Doodles - Page 7
Dessert Cafe Play - Page 8
    Service Based
Service-Based Scholarships - Page 13
        Babysitting Night - Page 14
        Carwash & Sponsors - Page 15 - Donation Sheet
Coin Change Bottles - Page 14 
144 Envelopes - Page 17
Church Yellow Pages - Page 31 
   More fundraising Ideas below!!!
 Additional Fundraising Ideas beyond 101 Fundraising        Ideas given above include:
    1.  Guess Your Shoe Size -  Pay $1-$3 for every size that the  
         guesser is away from your correct shoe size.   
   2.  Fish Fry!!!
   3.  Scratch Cards - Whatever amount donor scratches is received as
        the fundraiser.  Cards usually range between $1-$3 dollars.   
   4.  Door Knobs -  Donor will donate $1 for each door knob in their
   5.  Work for Pay -  Youth will do odd jobs (clean garage, mow grass,
        wash windows, etc).
   6.  Sponsor Letters